Initial Consultation

Once initial contact has been made with the couple, you are invited to the studio for a chat about your wedding photography, where you can then view the wide range of high quality, sample wedding albums that are available.

At this stage, booking forms are completed with a small deposit and an appointment is made for your  complimentary engagement portrait. This is another great opportunity to meet up before the wedding, so that by the time the wedding day arrives we are more like friends and everyone is more relaxed.

Second Consultation

A month or so before the wedding, you are invited to return to the studio for the pre-wedding consultation. This takes around 45 mins to an hour and is an opportunity to discuss every detail of the wedding photography including:

  • What times people need to be in place
  • Group photographs required
  • Where the pictures will be taken
  • How long the shoot will take
  • Special needs for guests, ie wheelchair uses
  • Any other concerns you may have regarding the photographs

Equipment Checks

All camera batteries and flash batteries are checked and charged and the cards that go in the camera (instead of film!!) are all formatted, ready to be used. We use professional DSLR cameras, always carrying spare cameras and a variety of lenses to accommodate all possible situations. Groups are photographed from a tripod so that we can easily move in and adjust clothes, dresses etc. In addition to the main camera, we have a spare camera for grabbing those lovely incidential shots that always happen at weddings.

Venue Checks

On the day of the wedding, well before the ceremony, we go and visit the site in order to check photography locations, sun position, backgrounds, access, etc. so we know exactly where we are going to take the pictures beforehand. These necessary preparations mean that the couple are not kept waiting whilst we look for suitable settings. Our aim is to be friendly, professional and efficient in order to create a set of pictures that we can not only be proud of, but that do not take the couple away from their guests for hours on their special day.

Developing & Archiving

Once the wedding is over, all the photographs are put into the computer to be “developed”. This is where the editing, retouching, eye opening, special effects or black and white picture creation is done. A duplicate copy of the wedding shoot  is then made for archival purposes, and stored on external hard drives. This is a standard safety measure in case anything should happen to the original computer hard drive.

Choosing your Images

Another copy of your photographs is then put onto USB for viewing purposes. This USB is a low resolution copy which is great for viewing on a computer or tv, or emailing to friends and family.

We supply order forms for guest reprints and a work sheet for the couple to write down their choices and any additional design notes they have for the final album. We do all the album design at the studio, so any requests for groupings of pictures can easily be worked into the design, giving the couple complete control.

Designing Your Album

Once the picture choice has been made, we design the wedding album pages and then email a copy of them for your feedback or approval. It is only after final approval that the pictures are printed and put into the wedding album. The album design takes between 5-8 hours depending on the amount of pictures in the final wedding album. Any changes afterwards take around 1-2 hours.

The final wedding album is assembled, beautifully packaged and then presented to the happy couple – A wonderful memory to be treasured forever.